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Remarkably Convenient Access to a variety of Membrane Filters, Syringe Filters, and More
Tisch Scientific provides an exceptional assortment of environmental, industrial, and labscience microfiltration products. With a large warehouse and efficient distribution facility, we provide customer service to areas throughout the US. Our staff of trained customer service representatives are available during normal business hours to answer your sales or technical questions and assist you in any way necessary to provide you with the products you desire. With a Quality Assurance Program like no other competitor on the market, Tisch Scientific is a company you can depend on with quality products you can trust.
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Our wide assortment of products include:
Filter Papers
Vacuum Pumps and Accessories
Disk Filters
Membrane Filter
Syringe Filter
Capsule Filter
Whatman Filter Paper
Tisch offers products manufactured in their own manufacturing site, so you can put faith in the quality standards they provide. With a noteable history of servicing BioScience Industries, Laboratory Testing, Food & Beverage Services, Water Treatment Facilities, and many more, Tisch has a proven track record of manufacturing high-quality products at exceptionally low prices as well as a recognizable name in the industry.
Shopping for a Membrane Filter or a Syringe Filter? We want to help!
The Tisch Brand includes a large variety of microfiltration supplies for a any of your application needs.
Top Choices in Membrane Filters Include:
Cellulose Acetate membrane filters
Mixed Cellulose membrane filters
PES membrane filters
PTFE membrane filters
Nylon membrane filters
Glass Fiber membrane filters
PVDF membrane filters
Polypropylene membrane filters
Popular Syringe Filters Include:
Glass Fiber syringe filters
Cellulose Acetate syringe filters
Nylon syringe filters
Polyvinylidene Fluoride syringe filters
PES syringe filters
Whatman Filter Paper: Technical Use Laboratory Filtration Papers
Our area of expertise expands to all areas of microfiltration. When you shop with Tisch, you can also browse a variety of top-notch Whatman products for technical use.
Our Whatman LabScience Products Include:
Antibiotic Assay Discs
Centrifuge Filters
Chromatography Paper
Environmental Monitoring Supplies
Membrane Filters
Syringe Filters
Whatman Filter Paper
Our full assortment of Whatman products makes it simple for you to find the right solution for any application. From Whatmen filter paper to vent filter accessories, we have it all and we can meet your demands in the most timely manner with efficient customer service and tracking information.
A Quality Assurance Program: For Easy Shopping and Top Service
The Tisch team works hard to make sure each shopping experience you have is essentially seamless and efficient. With our great customer service, we are always here to assist you with any purchase or question. When you shop with, us you can expect a great deal of benefits.
Our simple shopping experience includes:
Order History Retention for easy reordering.
Email Notification for tracking invoices.
Online order tracking
On Time Delivery
Online Product Selection Assistance
Much More
Here at Tisch, our goal is for every customer to have a simple and stress free shopping experience. We are always available for order assistance or any other needs/questions you may have. Feel free to contact us at anytime to begin your order by calling
CALL: 513-467-0222 
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